Argentario Golf Resort: beautiful Tuscan retreat perfect for Ryder Cup


In 2023, Italy will host its first Ryder Cup. The Marco Simone Golf Club, just outside Rome, is staging the biennial contest between Europe and the United States, and while most fans will base themselves in the Eternal City for the contest, those looking to lengthen their trip would do well to consider the Argentario Golf and Wellness Resort. A two-hour drive north, into south-western Tuscany, takes you to the stunning Monte Argentario – once an island but now a promontory, tethered to the mainland by three causeways that frame two lagoons. The serenity is a welcome contrast to the…


Burnley Golf Club: This Hilltop Wonder will Make you Smile


Funny story – Burnley Golf Club: 10am.The clubhouse is quieter than it should be for a big golf day. No welcoming party. No bacon butties. None of those banner things. No people. We walk into the clubhouse. “Hi, we’re here for the golf day,” I say. “The golf day?’ says the pro. “Yes, the golf day. You know. The. Golf. Day,” I say. There’s a moment when no one speaks. It’s quite a long moment.  “Erm,” says the pro. “We don’t have a golf day today.” A smile spreads across my face. I have seen this one before. The witty…

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Mileseey PF260: the best cheap rangefinder in golf?

Knowledge is power, so the saying goes, and in golfing terms that has given rise to a new wave of distance measuring devices, or rangefinders, coming into the game. The PGA Championship at Kiawah Island in May was the first major where rangefinders were permitted. But it is not just the touring pros who benefitting from knowing exactly how far they need to hit each and every shot. Club golfers, in increasing numbers, are tapping into the potential these devices offer. But where do you start? How much should you spend? Well, the team at Mileseey asked us to test…

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Ryder Cup: Yorkshire’s unique Role In shaping Golf History


It’s not often golf can reach beyond the sport and capture the imagination of a new audience.  The Ryder Cup, however, carries that power. It is an event built on prestige, not prize money, one that conjures up vivid, enduring memories and brings to mind the names of the courses on which the battles have played out.  As part of our exclusive Ryder Cup series, we visited Yorkshire‘s three iconic Ryder Cup courses, Ganton, Moortown and Lindrick to tell their story. In all, 12 British clubs have hosted the Ryder Cup. Scotland has held it twice – at Muirfield and…

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