FlagBag Golf Co: capturing a magic moment in time


To the guys at FlagBag Golf Co, a golf bag is so much more than a functional piece of equipment in which to carry your clubs. It’s a canvas, a blank page, an opportunity for the golfer who throws it over their shoulder and heads out onto the links to say something about themselves, to tell a story about what the game means to them. Why? Well, each FlagBag is, as the name would suggest, woven together using a patchwork of pin flags from the golfer’s carefully chosen clubs. Some have their bag made up of one club’s flags. Others…


St Andrews and Chariots of Fire: secrets of famous scene


St Andrews and Chariots of Fire: the association immediately brings to mind the evocative opening moments of the celebrated Oscar-winning film, a sequence which has long since taken its place in cinematic history. The iconic images of young British athletes striding out across a windswept beach in slow-motion are set to one of cinema’s most remarkable soundtracks, written by the Greek composer Vangelis. To golfers the world over, they are also memorable for another reason. Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams, the film’s two protagonists, are among the athletes who run up West Sands beach in St Andrews, hurdle the railings…

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Coronavirus: how top golf clubs emerged from Covid-19


Very little about our world feels normal these days. Spending a few hours walking the fairways of your local golf club with friends is, let’s face it, about as close as it gets.  This Covid-19 pandemic is not a disaster in a traditional sense, even if the trauma is comparable. It is not an event confined by time and space like a hurricane or a terrorist attack. No, there is a growing realisation that even if golf represents a rare escape from our current troubles, it may be some time yet before we fully return to anything close to normal.…

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