Can Arccos give you the best golf lesson in the world?

Arccos golf sensors

Golf is not an exact science: as individuals we’re gloriously unique, not only from the rest of the world but from each other too. No two swings are the same and the challenge of how we improve is also unique to each of us – no YouTube tip fits all. But could data and AI hold the answer? That was the question I had in my mind as I attached 14 Arccos golf sensors to my clubs to find out whether technology really could help me become a better and more enlightened golfer.

For those who don’t know, Arccos is one of golf’s most celebrated new pieces of technology and is changing the game when it comes to using data to make you better. How does it work? Well, you attach Arccos golf sensors to your clubs and use either the Arccos App, Smart Watch or Caddie Link device to track every shot you hit, from the 1st tee to the final green.

With me so far?

Arccos golf sensors
Arccos golf sensors screw into the grips of your clubs

While you are playing your round, Arccos records every shot and produces a dashboard of data based on your handicap to show you what you are good at (finding fairways, greens, short game, putting etc) and where you are losing shots compared to golfers of the same ability. I wanted to put Arccos into play for a at least month so I could really put it to the test and hopefully give you a fully rounded view on whether Across golf sensors really can have a positive impact on your golf. For me (and most of you) this was the first time I was going to see my game under a microscope and truly evaluate my strengths and weaknesses based on data, rather than my own biases or assumptions. After all, if you aren’t sure where your shortcomings are, how do you know what to practice?

Our Arccos test drive was going to take in some of the world’s great courses – Royal Portrush, St Patrick’s Links at Rosapenna on the island of Ireland, Pinehurst No 2 to name but a few. Could these Arccos golf sensors stand up to that kind of test and perform when I needed them to? Or would they let me down?

Arccos golf sensors: a journey begins

The unboxing experience is pretty cool, the product is beautifully presented and the whole thing just screams quality. You remove each of the Arccos golf sensors and screw them into the top of your grips, pairing them with your clubs one by one using the very user-friendly Arccos app. The whole process is very easy and smooth, the only issue I had was attaching the sensor to my trusty but dusty TaylorMade driver, which I have had for a few years now and may not have the latest grip.

Once your Arccos golf sensors are connected to your clubs, you are ready to go and the system will automatically start to collect data on the distance you hit each club, your accuracy, how many greens in regulation you hit, your sand saves, putts and much more besides. Before you get going you need to enter your handicap and as soon as you start hitting your first shots and play your first round of golf with the Arccos golf sensors you will begin to be able to see where you are gaining shots, where you are losing them and what you can work on.

Arccos golf sensors caddie link
The Arccos Caddie Link is a brilliant innovation

That detailed analysis of your game is the unquestionably the standout feature of Arccos golf. It’s an inarguable, clear-eyed, dispassionate assessment of what you are good at and what you are bad at. There is no guesswork, no opinion, no slant – from your first round, the data is there in front of you and it’s unequivocal and there is something remarkably liberating about getting that kind of honesty about your golf.

How did Arccos golf perform on the course?

There are a number of different ways to sync your Arccos golf sensors and over the course of the month, I tried all three. The first is to play with the sensors connected to your smart phone. The tricky part of this, for me, was getting used to playing with a smart phone in my left front pocket. When I play golf, I am keen to get as far away from my phone as possible – something I am not great at most of the time. I also found the connection wasn’t always the most consistent and so shots were often missed, which I then had to input manually after my round. That was easy to do because you are connecting the dots effectively but it’s not ideal.

The second option is to connect your Arccos golf sensors to your Smart Watch. I found it very easy to connect the two and because I am used to playing golf with it on my wrist, it felt much more comfortable for me to use Arccos this way. How did it perform? Certainly better, fewer shots dropped and yet a few still did. By far the best connection with my Arccos golf sensors came via the Caddie Link and I would certainly recommend you invest in one if you are going to go ahead and bring Arccos into your game. The Caddie Link works in a completely unobtrusive way, you clip what is a very small, almost unnoticeable device on to your belt and then you forget about it. And that’s exactly what I did. At the end of the round, I could see it hadn’t missed a beat, recording every single shot.

It’s the way to go.

Royal Portrush Golf Club 6th green
The beautiful 6th green on The Dunluce Links

How Arccos can help you play your best golf

Not satisfied with simply breaking your game down once you have finished your round, Arccos goes one step further after it has collected about 5 full rounds worth of data on your game. The app not only provides real-time yardages, considering real time factors such as wind, temperature, and other factors such as humidity, but once it has enough data on you as a golfer, Arccos will actually suggest the best strategy for you to adopt to play the hole in front of you, based on your strengths and weaknesses, and even tell you which club to hit.

So, before I set off on my last golf trip to the island of Ireland, I downloaded two courses I knew I would be playing. Now I did this on WIFI, rather using my data on the putting green before my round, and both courses were on my app and downloaded in around 10 seconds. And that meant when the time came to put my tee peg into the ground on the 1st hole at Royal Portrush, Arccos Smart Caddie was telling me to leave the driver in the bag and hit the hybrid with out of bounds down the left and the right of this famous 1st hole. If only Rory McIlroy had those Arccos golf sensors on his clubs when he stood here in The Open back in 2019, I thought.

How does it work? Well, Arccos uses the data it collects from your game and combines that with artificial intelligence to suggest the best way to play any given hole and the best club to hit based on your numbers.

It’s a brilliant innovation and it really does make those Arccos golf sensors completely indispensable.

How good is Arccos off the course?

The system is great on the course, but it’s really wonderful to sit down after your round, preferably with a drink (the truth hurts), and look back at your stats. Do you see things you wouldn’t otherwise? Unquestionably. Not only do you have clear, honest guidance on the distance you hit each club, but it will also tell you how many strokes you have gained against golfers of the same ability the world over. It’s a great way to get honest about your game. The data doesn’t lie, and you can’t argue with it, ignore it or dispute what’s in front of you.

It’s also a brilliant way for you to compare yourself to your friends/family, even across the miles and the community aspect of it is a great incentive to be involved.

Is Arccos golf worth the money?

That’s ultimately for you to decide, but over the course of the month and a bit we tested Arccos Golf we absolutely fell for this product. The Arccos golf sensors are very much staying on my clubs, and it became easy to see why Arccos Golf claims members drop an average of 5.02 strokes from their handicap in the first year of signing up. Can you honestly say that all those tips from magazines and YouTube have cut five shots from your handicap? Didn’t think so. As we said at the outset, golf will never be an exact science. When it’s played well it’s an art form which celebrates creativity and flair. And yet Arccos is using science and technology to help you go a step closer to understanding and perfecting the art form. And who wouldn’t want some of that?

*For more information on Arccos Golf or to sign up for membership, visit ArccosGolf.com

Arccos golf sensors
Arccos Golf displays your average distance with each club

Arccos golf sensors: Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Arccos golf sensors: how do they work?
Arccos Golf sensors attach to each club’s grip, wirelessly connecting to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Utilising GPS technology, they track shot data, including club used, distances, and locations. The real-time information is sent to the Arccos app, which analyses and presents comprehensive statistics on a golfer’s performance. Features include Strokes Gained analysis for pinpointing strengths and weaknesses, and the Smart Caddie, which uses AI to suggest optimal club choices.

How did you do the Arccos golf review?
We tested the Arccos golf sensors for more than a month and across multiple rounds in multiple countries to try and give you, our readers, a fully rounded picture of what your experience might be like if you sign up.

Did you have any problem getting the Arccos golf sensors not pairing with clubs?
No, the pairing of the Arccos golf sensors with my clubs was easy to do. The Arccos golf app guides you through the process and the clubs connected easily.

How do the Arccos golf sensors work with your grips?
Arccos golf sensors screw in to the grip end of each club. The sensors are lightweight and designed to be compatible with various grip types. They then communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth to a smartphone. As shots are taken, data on club use, distances, and locations are transmitted in real-time to the Arccos app. The integration is designed to be user-friendly, allowing golfers to focus on their game while effortlessly incorporating the technology. This attachment ensures a secure fit without compromising the feel or balance of the clubs, offering a convenient and efficient solution for data-driven golf improvement.

How does the Arccos golf app work?
The Arccos app integrates with the sensors, to send real-time data on your shots, club usage, and distances. The Smart Caddie offers AI-driven club recommendations based on conditions and historical data. Social features foster community engagement, allowing golfers to connect, share stats, and compete. With an intuitive interface, the app enables users to track performance over time, promoting data-driven adjustments for continuous improvement.

Is there an Arccos golf free trial?
Arccos Golf has, from time to time, offered free trials for its platform. However, please note that policies and offerings may change over time. To get the most accurate and up-to-date information on whether Arccos Golf currently offers a free trial, we recommend visiting the official website.

What is the Arccos golf Taylormade partnership all about?
The TaylorMade and Arccos partnership began in 2021 and, at the time of writing, is in play in the US, UK and Canada. What does it mean? Well anyone who buys new, qualifying TaylorMade clubs is eligible to receive free Arccos Smart Sensors for all their clubs and a free 45 day Trial to the Arccos app.

How much does an Arccos golf subscription cost?
At the time of writing, an annual Arccos golf subscription costs around £100 for golfers in the UK and £150 for golfers in the US, although you can pay each month. For the very latest updated prices visit the Arccos website.

How does Arccos golf pair with your smart watch?Arccos golf easily integrates with the likes of Apple Watch and others to allowing golfers to not only see real time distances on their wrist during the round but to use their watch as a way to transmit and record the data collected by the Arccos golf sensors.

10 ways Arccos Golf sensors elevate your game

Here are 10 ways your golf game will soar to new heights with the help of Arccos golf sensors.

  1. Precision Shot Tracking:
    Arccos golf sensors mean you get access to state-of-the-art shot-tracking technology that records every ball you hit during a round of golf. From your first drive, to your last putt, Arccos captures and analyses data, providing you with invaluable insights into your performance and a plan to help you improve.
  2. Real-Time Data Analysis:
    Gone are the days of post-game guesswork. Arccos delivers real-time data analysis, offering instant feedback on your strengths and weaknesses. This live feedback allows you to make on-the-fly adjustments and refine your strategy hole by hole.
  3. Smart Caddie:
    Think of Arccos as your personal golf whisperer: the Smart Caddie feature analyses your historical performance, current conditions like wind, and course data to suggest optimal strategies for each hole and each shot. It’s like having a golf guru in your pocket.
  4. Personalised Performance Metrics:
    Arccos provides a wealth of personalised metrics, including club distances, accuracy, and greens in regulation. This data allows you to tailor your training regimen to address specific areas of improvement, leading to a more efficient and effective practice routine.
  5. Seamless Integration with Smart Devices:
    Arccos Golf Sensors sync effortlessly with your smart devices, ensuring that you have all the information you need at your fingertips. The user-friendly interface allows for easy navigation and a seamless integration into your golf routine.
  6. Historical Performance Trends:
    Arccos doesn’t just focus on the present; it keeps a watchful eye on your golfing journey over time. By analysing historical performance trends, you can identify patterns and track your improvement, providing motivation and insights for future games.
  7. Community Engagement:
    Connect with a community of like-minded golf enthusiasts through the Arccos app. Share your achievements, seek advice, and engage in friendly competition. The sense of community adds a social aspect to your golfing experience, making it even more enjoyable.
  8. Automatic Stat Tracking:
    Tired of jotting down scores and statistics manually? Arccos takes care of that for you. The automatic stat tracking feature ensures that you can focus on your game while Arccos compiles the necessary data for post-game analysis.
  9. Smart Distance Club Averaging:
    Arccos employs sophisticated algorithms to calculate your smart distance club averages. This information helps you make more informed decisions on club selection, ensuring that you choose the right tool for the job every time.
  10. Data-Driven Decision Making:
    Armed with the wealth of data provided by Arccos Golf Sensors, you’ll make smarter decisions on the course. Whether it’s adjusting your swing mechanics, refining your short game, or optimising your overall strategy, every move is backed by data-driven insights.

The founder of The Wandering Golfers, Ben grew up on the links of Scotland learning the game from his beloved Grandpa. Previously a writer and broadcaster for The Times and BBC

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