Which is the best golf rangefinder in 2024?

Best golf rangefinder with slope 2023
The Mileseey BPFS2 Rangefinder at Hillside Golf Club

The days when golfers rely on intuition, the odd yardage marker and, god forbid, their eyes to gauge distance are long gone – now it’s all about the data. But which is the best golf rangefinder with slope in 2023 and – most importantly – which will suit you best?

Slope, for the uninitiated, is the ability for your rangefinder to take in to account the topography of your yardage and not just the distance itself. So you might have 135 yards to the flag but if it’s downhill, the best golf rangefinder with slope will tell you, the yardage is actually only 127 yards.

Technological advancements have brought about a new generation of golf rangefinders with slope and a whole bunch of new features and capabilities. We have looked at the cluttered marketplace and here are our five best golf range finders with slope. 

best golf rangefinder with slope
The Milessey BPFS2
  1. Milessey BPFS2 Golf Rangefinder – Binoculars
    With a vast field of view and a range of almost 2,200 yards the Milessey BPFS2 is an excellent addition to your set up. This rangefinder comes with the option to turn slope on and off, and also has flag locking, which means that when you find the flag through your binoculars, your device will vibrate and confirm your distance. Full transparency, we’re big fans of the brand and still use the Mileseey PF260 regularly. This new release is even better and has to be in the conversation if you’re looking at the best golf rangefinders with slope. 

    Best golf rangefinder with slope
    The Bushnell Golf Pro XE
  2. Bushnell Pro XE
    Bushnell remain the gold standard in the golf rangefinder world and the Pro XE is another top-tier golf product. The Bushnell website doesn’t hold back with its praise, saying “The Bushnell Golf Pro XE rangefinder is simply the best golf laser ever made.” It’s certainly makes a strong case, offering reliable, super accurate yardages while considering slope too. The Pro XE also incorporates PinSeeker technology, ensuring quick and precise target acquisition even in challenging conditions. This product also has an enhanced ultra-bright backlight display and is the only 7x magnification rangefinder on the market today. Is this the best golf rangefinder with slope on the market? It might just be.

    best golf rangefinder with slope
    Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilised
  3. The Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilised
    The Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilised also makes it into our best golf rangefinder with slope not least because it combines precision and accuracy of yardage with the very latest stabilisation technology. This device offers continuous measurement, allowing golfers to track distances to multiple targets simultaneously.  Additionally, its ergonomic design, fast response time, and image stabilisation make the Coolshot Pro Stabilized a reliable companion. 

    The Garmin Approach Z82
    The Garmin Approach Z82


  4. Garmin Approach Z82
    Garmin have established a reputation as a trusted brand in golf. This laser range finder is another example of why with Garmin claiming this product will give you the most accurate reading on the market within 10 inches of the flag. It certainly deserves to be on the list of the best golf rangefinders with slope because it offers that accuracy alongside an array of innovative features. The viewfinder allows players to see hazards and layups as well as the true shape of the green on over 41,000 courses worldwide, which are held on its database.  It also takes into account wind and has a sleek design. It all makes the Garmin Approach Z82 a standout option in the market.

    best golf rangefinder with slope
    The Callaway 300 Pro Laser Rangefinder
  5. Callaway 300 Pro Slope
    The Callaway 300 Pro Slope is a reliable and affordable golf range finder with slope that delivers accurate distance measurements with ease. Its slope feature provides adjusted yardages, accounting for elevation changes on the course. With 6x magnification, it offers clear and crisp visuals, ensuring precise targeting. The ergonomic design and user-friendly interface make the Callaway 300 Pro Slope a popular choice for golfers of all skill levels.

Golf rangefinders with slope have become invaluable tools for golfers, aiding in accurate distance measurements and considering elevation changes on the course. In 2023, we believe devices like the Bushnell Pro XE, Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized, the Garmin Approach Z82, the Callaway 300 Pro Slope and the Mileseey BPFS2 are leading the way and empowering golfers to make well-informed decisions, enhancing their performance and enjoyment on the golf course.

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