Lavish PGA Frisco the biggest and best new golf resort in America?

PGA Frisco Fields Ranch West
Omni PGA Frisco is one of America's best new golf resorts. Credit: Evan Schiller

In case you haven’t heard, everything is bigger in Texas: big hats, big hair, big boots, big attitudes and now, in the shape of Omni PGA Frisco, maybe – just maybe, the biggest and best new golf resort in America.

The famous Texan phrase may owe much to the sheer size of the Lone Star State, but there are plenty of examples of why it has become the way of life here. The scale – both in terms of size and ambition – of PGA Frisco is jaw-dropping and from the moment I arrived, it was easy to see why this resort has set its sights on becoming the epicentre for golf for decades to come, not just in Texas, but for the whole of the United States

The 600,000 sq. ft site (for context, Windsor Castle estate, the late Queen’s residence was 570,000 sq. ft) which cost $520 million to develop is a modern mega resort in every sense – two crown jewel golf courses, 13 restaurants, a golf entertainment district, and, of course, a 500-room luxury hotel. More on all of that later.

Omni PGA Frisco
The scale – both in terms of size and ambition – of PGA Frisco is impressive

Frisco is already very much on the up in golfing terms. In 2022, the PGA of America moved its headquarters on to the site and it wasn’t by accident. The centrepiece of PGA Frisco, in golf terms, is the Fields Ranch East course, designed by Gil Hanse and slated to host the men’s, women’s, and senior PGA Championships not once but twice each by 2034. The Fields Ranch West Course is also a wonderfully fun design which stands up with any of Beau Welling’s bona fides. Such is their confidence and belief in this place, the PGA of America has committed to hosting 26 championships across the Fields Ranch East and West courses over the next 11 years.

PGA officials are even openly discussing the likelihood of Omni PGA Frisco hosting a Ryder Cup in the future. It was with all this anticipation that I made the journey to Frisco – within a breath or two of arriving, the valet had asked me where I’d like my clubs to be stored. The bag room? The course? By my nightstand? ‘This must be what the pros feel like,’ I thought. The hotel décor was a natural blend of golf and Texas, classic images of Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson sat seamlessly alongside bulls and bandoliers. It would have been easy to soak it all in at the Lookout Bar or by one of the many pools, but the call of the golf was too tantalizing to resist.

PGA Frisco Tx The Swing
The Swing is PGA Frisco’s celebrated short course

Even if your arrival time is too late to fit in 18 holes, you will not be disappointed. A short stroll led me to the Monument Realty PGA District. For the golf die-hards the Ice House is a great place to start – in addition to the heaping plates of meticulously smoked BBQ, are Top Tracer bays you can use while you eat. A myriad of sports are playing across the TVs and it’s a great way to dial-in your distances before taking a crack at the PGA Frisco short course a few steps away. The Swing, as the par-3 course is affectionately known, comprises 10 holes co-designed by Gil Hanse and Beau Welling, the aforementioned designers of the championship courses.

Grab a carry bag with PGA Frisco’s splendid logo embroidered on it and test your game from 100 yards and in. The holes are framed by stadium lights permitting play well into darkness and the whole place is designed with fun in mind, with music and a margarita bar close by. On The Swing you’ll find entire families, groups of friends, couples, gamblers, grinders, all kinds of people walking, chatting, and golfing together. The Swing at PGA Frisco is a happy place and has successfully replicated the essence and magic of The Cradle at Pinehurst.

PGA Frisco Dance Floor
The Dance Floor is a vast putting green at Omni PGA Frisco. Credit: Evan Schiller

You’ll find a similar scene unfolding a lob wedge away on The Dancefloor. Inspired by the Himalayas putting course at St Andrews and Thistle Dhu at Pinehurst, it comprises nearly two acres of pure putting heaven. Once again designed by Gil Hanse, you’ll find barefoot family fun on greens sculpted by the same designer trusted with some of American golf’s biggest restoration projects. In true Texan fashion, there is a TV as big as a house (told you everything was bigger), set behind the green showing NFL games or golf, luring more people to unwind by the putting course, pint in hand kicked back in a rocking chair by one of the fire pits.

Difficult as it is to walk away from the food, drink, and short game practice, you would be wise to save some room for the main course, or courses I should say. Fuel up for your round on the East or West course with breakfast at the Ryder Cup Grille and allow plenty of time for the driving range. The range makes you feel even more like a pro than the valets.  Not only was the range attendant incredibly welcoming, he even asked which golf ball I preferred to use. Let’s just say I did some ‘testing’ – the results suggest I like all the top brands – go figure. Professionalism is routine here, from the staff, to aspiring young juniors and Korn Ferry journey men. Even Sahith Theegala appeared on the range fresh from his first PGA tour win.

It’s easy to feel like you could stay on the range until your fingers bleed but from the moment the caddie greets you, all you’ll want to do is hit the golf course. Unlike many public courses in America, the Fields Ranch East is walking only. Cleverly, both for pace of play and quality of experience, they insist caddies go with every group. While not everyone will be accustomed to the perks of playing with a caddie, they will unquestionably enhance both your enjoyment of the round and understanding of the place. The East Course is big (it’s a theme here) and able to stretch to nearly 8,000 yards. Conditions are firm and sandy, with very few trees. Even purists will be forgiven for conjuring up thoughts of links courses and begin to understand why many a Texan has fared so well at The Open. Despite the Texas heat, the walk is pleasant with gradual rather than sudden changes in elevation, save for the short par-4 15th hole. Have no fear, the crew out here has seen enough to know the importance of well-stocked water coolers on every other hole. From first to last, the service is immaculate.

PGA Frisco East Course
Both courses are decorated by native grasses, live oaks, and mesquite trees. Credit: Evan Schiller

The greens are a major championship challenge regardless of how much time you put in on The Swing or The Dancefloor. However, not once did the sting of a three-putt outweigh the adventure each hole presented from tee to green. There are hero shot carries on all par-3s and all the par-5s are true three-shot holes. It’s a course where every club in the bag gets tested, a sure sign of a thoughtful design, and while some – like the 7th and 13th – will stand out vividly during mental replays of your round, the whole experience is electrifying and engaging from first to last. Make no mistake, the PGA Frisco Fields Ranch East course is 18 holes of mental and physical exhilaration. And yet, somehow, you’ll have the energy for more – it’s just that kind of place.

Fortunately, there’s plenty more to throw yourself into. As tempting as it is to replay the East Course, the West is worthy of your full attention. This is no place to worry about your handicap – go for broke, because this course will reward the bold. Unlike the East, there are more downhill holes, permitting illusions of birdies and eagles to drift through your waking dreams. For long hitters the par-5s are reachable in two but the greens are the main differentiator here. The visually arresting par-3s  standout and, as with every hole across the East and West, the tee boxes are amenable to a huge range of distances,  creating opportunities for all levels of player. Risk and reward par-4s, make the PGA Frisco Fields Ranch West Course perfect for a group scramble or a score settling match play. The West feels slightly less panoramic than the East, it has more trees and greater distances between some of the holes, but the horizons are wide down here and not once will you feel boxed in with driver in hand.

PGA Frisco East Course
Omni PGA Frisco cost $520m to develop. Credit: Evan Schiller

PGA Frisco is a truly unforgettable experience and one that genuinely offers something for everyone – whether you’re a tour pro, a beginner, on a corporate outing, with your family and kids or just a humble wandering golfer. That in itself makes this place special, but when you combine that with the quality of the golf courses, the breadth and depth of experiences and the quality of the guest experience, it makes this place a truly unmissable and important golf destination. As drove away from the resort, I was already planning a return trip. It got under my skin in a way I hadn’t expected and I am convinced Omni PGA Frisco is destined to play an enormously significant role as a pillar of American golf for generations to come.

Now, when you consider the historical importance of places like Pinehurst to the game in the US, that may sound like hyperbole but having been fortunate enough to see it with my own eyes, I can assure you it’s not. I suggest you go and do the same. You can thank me later.

*For more info on Omni PGA Frisco or to book a stay or a tee time, visit OmniHotels.com
*Zachary Pollack was a guest of Omni PGA Frisco 

PGA Frisco Tx: Frequently asked questions (FAQs) 

Why is golf in Frisco a big deal?

Frisco is rapidly establishing itself as a key destination for golf in the USA. Not only is this part of north Texas where the PGA of America has its headquarters, but Omni PGA Frisco has ensured it has one of the world’s best golf resorts with two incredible championship courses and so much more besides.

What is the significance of the PGA of America Frisco relationship?

The PGA of America moved its headquarters from Palm Beach Gardens in Florida to Frisco in August 2022. It was the first time since 1956 that the PGA has been based outside of Florida. Frisco, which is located just 25 miles from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, is now home to the PGA America’s 107,000 sq. ft HQ, with some 120 employees now based there.

How good is the PGA Frisco East Course?

Designed by the prolific and highly rated golf architect Gil Hanse, the PGA Frisco East Course opened to immediate acclaim. The PGA of America rate it so highly that they have already decided it will host the PGA Championship (2027, 2034), the Women’s PGA Championship (2025, 2031), and the Senior PGA Championship (2023, 2029). High praise indeed.

How big is the Omni PGA Frisco putting green?

Known as The Dancefloor and co-designed by Gil Hanse and Beau Welling, the PGA Frisco putting green is one of the largest natural grass putting areas in the United States of America. It measures around 2 acres in size – that’s just under two NFL football fields in size. It’s also lit to allow play at night and you can rent putters and balls to play.

How much does PGA Frisco Membership cost?

While PGA Frisco is a public facility, there is an option to become a Club 1916 Member. As you can imagine at one of the world’s best golf resorts, that doesn’t come cheap. For the latest information on Club 1916 (the PGA of America was founded in 1916) visit FieldsRanch.com/membership-inquiry. It has been rumoured, the membership initiation fee is around $120,000 with monthly fees of around $1,000 per month but that is unconfirmed.

How much are PGA Frisco green fees?

PGA Frisco green fees will vary dependant on whether you are playing the Fields Ranch East or Fields Ranch West course, and on when you choose to play the course. Green fees on the West Course start from around $202 for resort guests and $222 for public guests, with the East Course starting at $252 for resort guests with a caddie, or at $277 for public guests. Frisco residents can get a discount of up to 50% depending when they book. For the latest information on PGA Frisco green fees click here.

What is the PGA Frisco short course called?

Co-designed by Gil Hanse and Beau Welling, the PGA Frisco short course is known as The Swing and certainly feels very much like The Cradle Pinehurst. The Swing at PGA Frisco is open from 9am on Saturday and Sunday and 11am during the week. It doesn’t close until midnight on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 10pm on Sunday and 11pm Monday to Wednesday. Golf clubs and balls are available to rent at The Swing.

How many holes is the short course at Omni PGA Frisco?

The short course at PGA Frisco has 10-holes, each of which range in length from 45 to 100 yards. The green complexes feature dramatic slopes and swales and will test the short game of even the best golfers.

Should I visit PGA Frisco Texas?

PGA Frisco Texas is a golf destination that you will love from start to finish. The whole place is designed as a DisneyLand for golf and the facilities are second to none. But what sets it apart, is that it’s a place that has something for everyone, whether you have never played golf before or are a PGA Tour player. That might sound like a cliche, but go and see for yourself.

Is PGA Frisco TX open to the public?

The Omni PGA Frisco TX and two championship golf courses opened to the public in May 2023. The 5-star hotel features 500 beautiful rooms, 4 swimming pools and no fewer than 13 restaurants.

What about the PGA Frisco location?

PGA Frisco is located in North Texas, around 25 miles from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on Highway 380 and PGA Parkway, just west of Dallas North Tollway and some 10 miles from The Grove Frisco.

Where can I find out about Omni PGA Frisco careers?

When the resort opened it created around 1,000 Omni PGA Frisco careers opportunities across golf, food and beverage and hospitality. For the latest information on Omni PGA Frisco click here.

PGA Frisco map

PGA Frisco Map

PGA Frisco short course scorecard

PGA Frisco Short Course scorecard

PGA Frisco Fields Ranch West scorecard

PGA Frisco Fields Ranch West Scorecard

PGA Frisco Fields Ranch East scorecard

PGA Frisco Fields Ranch East scorecard
The scorecard used for the senior PGA in 2023

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