PGA Frisco TX: 10 things to know before you go

PGA Frisco East Course
Omni PGA Frisco cost $520m to develop. Credit: Evan Schiller

It’s fitting it was the Lone Star State which gave life to a rising star of the American golf landscape in the shape of Omni PGA Frisco.

We loved our trip to this vast, modern resort, which opened in 2023, and seems destined to become one of the preeminent golf destinations in America for decades to come. Why? Well, PGA Frisco really does have it all: two wonderful, world-class golf courses, a 500-room luxury hotel, 10 four-bedroom luxury ranch houses, a stunning short-course, heavenly practice facilities and one of the biggest putting greens in the world.

But we all know that when it comes to deciding what makes a really great golf trip, it’s comes down the details. It’s the small things, the memories, the moments that stay with you and make one destination stand out from another. And with so much on offer at PGA Frisco, it would be easy to be overwhelmed by the smorgasbord of experiences but – fear not – we’ve got you covered with a list of all the 10 things that we loved most – so you can focus on the stuff that we think really matters. So, strap yourselves in, here are the top 10 things not to miss at Omni PGA Frisco.

Omni PGA Frisco Tx
Omni PGA Frisco opened to much fanfare in May 2023

1. The Tour Pros (yep, Tour Pros)

The way you’re treated on arrival at Omni PGA Frisco is enough to make you feel a bit like a tour pro, but you can only kid yourself for so long here. Why? Well, they have the real thing. I ran into Sahith Theegala and Sung Kang on the range at PGA Frisco and it was an experience I will never forget. Now, I’ve never played in a pro-am or played alongside the top players, so hitting my ball so close to PGA Tour winners was an eye-opener. 

My best flushed 7-iron, the kind of shot that brought a smile to my face, sounded nothing like the compression these guys create. From the range to the course things got even more interesting when the starter at Fields Ranch East noticed I’d be playing in the group ahead of Theegala. Our proximity throughout the day meant we wound up in the Ryder Cup Grille post-round together. Over chicken tenders and local blackened Redfish tacos, I got to learn a bit about the mindset of a PGA Tour winner. He was incredibly generous with his time and humble. It turned out he’d shot an easy, breezy 5-under round on the Fields Ranch East, so maybe keep him mind as a contender when the PGA Championship comes to town? Now, I’m assured that the pros aren’t always at PGA Frisco, but Bryson Dechambeau did have a tee time booked for the following day and many other top players do live in the Dallas area. Given the burgeoning reputation of the golf courses at PGA Frisco it’s not farfetched to expect many more pros to find their way here in the years to come. Just saying.

PGA Frisco Fields Ranch East
The Fields Ranch East Course was designed by Gil Hanse. Credit: Evan Schiller

2. The Caddies

One of the great joys of Omni PGA Frisco is the Fields Ranch East Course. Now, not many courses in America insist you walk – Cypress Point, Augusta National, National Links of America, Bethpage Black, Pine Valley are just some of them – now you can add Fields Ranch East to that group. Not only does walking ensure you see the course properly and really understand its subtleties, but it also means you get to experience the joy of spending some time with a caddie. Now caddies not only enhance your overall enjoyment and understanding but they add colour to the conversation. Roberto carried my bag around Fields Ranch East, he splits his time between PGA Frisco and clubs as far away as Houston earning money to fund his entries into North Texas mini-tour competitions as he eyes a shot at Q-school. Not only did he manage to find all of my wayward drives, but he watched my back as I hacked out of the brush, ready to fend off a snake at a moment’s notice. During our round we linked up with another group on the back 9. The young caddie in that group was carrying two tour staff bags for golfers hoping that looking like a pro meant playing like one too (it didn’t). Despite the UV index being off the charts his smile never wavered – lucky for us (and him) he knew where every water chest was.

PGA Frisco Tx Practice
The practice facilities at PGA Frisco are world-class.

3. Practice makes perfect

They take coaching and professionalism seriously at Omni PGA Frisco. The practice greens and driving range are kept in tour-ready condition so that you can take all that hard work and endeavour directly to the 1st tee. When it comes to practice balls you can take your pick of all the premium brands – as you approach the range the attendants will ask for your preference and keep you well stocked whether you prefer a Titleist Pro-V1 or a Callaway Chromesoft X. This is not the kind of place where you will find  half broken yellow range balls laying around. All the practice spots are real turf to get you completely dialled in. Roberto, my caddie, told me I gotten my hips too loose. Considering I often hop out of the car and go straight to the 1st tee he was probably right; I wasn’t familiar with such a luxurious warm-up.

PGA Frisco Tx Trick Rider
The Trick Rider restaurant features a chandelier made up of more than 4,000 Swarovski crystals

4. Food, glorious food

It wouldn’t be Texas if the food wasn’t big and beautiful. There are just so many places to eat great food at Omni PGA Frisco – if you feel like celebrating, they maybe head to Trick Rider, which is an upscale restaurant inside the resort featuring a horseshoe bar, which pays homage to the female trick riders of Texas folklore. The dry-aged steaks are pretty special, as is the crystal horse chandelier which is suspended above the bar and is made up of more than 4,000 Swarovski crystals.

If you’re looking for something more relaxed, go in search of BBQ. Between The Swing and The Dancefloor lies the Ice House which features a beer garden, a Toptracer driving range and the mouth-watering smells from the post-oak smoked meats. This is not a place to miss. If you prefer a clubhouse vibe, the Ryder Cup Grille has a familiar atmosphere and a classic menu. Wherever you eat, save room Margaret’s Cones & Cups which serves artisan ice cream. I’d be lying if I said I tried everything but with 13 dining options it’s hard to fit it all in, literally.PGA Frisco Tx The Swing The Swing is PGA Frisco’s celebrated short course[/caption]

5. The Swing

The PGA Frisco short course is pretty special – ten short holes ranging from 45 to 100 yards, lined by stadium lighting, playing music throughout, with a bar cart in the middle. Oh, and it’s co-designed by the gentlemen who bring you the resort’s two championship courses. What’s not to like? Gil Hanse and Beau Welling teamed up to create The Swing, a short course that is light-hearted but also sneaky challenging. As a solo wanderer I found myself sandwiched between a group of 8 tweens playing some form of faux Ryder Cup and a father and young son. Lucky for me the father and son let me join them so I could give the match behind me some more space. People of all walks of life are coming out and enjoying these short courses. Whether they are dialling in their short game or learning course etiquette for the very first time. It doesn’t hurt that the course emulates the conditions, you will find on the championship courses. We hope to see more resorts continue to add short courses to their offerings.

PGA Frisco Dance Floor putting green
On the Dancefloor, you’ll find dedicated golfers, families, groups of friends and couples all enjoying the atmosphere

6. The Dancefloor

The trend of adding enthralling short courses to golf resorts, has – it seems – extended to putting courses inspired by the Himalayas, St Andrews. The centrepiece in the Monument Realty PGA District section of the resort, The Dancelfoor is nearly two acres of heavenly putting green. The surface is only a smidge slower on the stimp than the East and West courses and that’s a good thing considering there are golfers of all ages and abilities taking on the undulations here. To my advantage the Odyssey putter designers happened to be out for a party when I stepped out and they didn’t seem too worried where their golf balls went – allowing more than a few of their personal supply of new Chromesofts to get away from them – which meant I got to sample the new model. The Dancefloor, like The Swing, has lights and music to keep the fun going well past sunset. Take your shoes off, grab a drink from the beer garden and follow the course layout. As it empties out you can create your own course with long holes and challenges, it won’t be easy to leave. Behind The Dancefloor is a TV so big that would fit seamlessly in nearby Cowboys stadium – it’s like a drive-in movie theatre, drawing more and more people to this area to relax, eat, drink, putt and watch big sporting events. Love it.

7. The people

It might sound like a cliche but at Omni PGA Frisco it feels like everyone is happy to be at work and takes pride in what they are doing. That begins from the moment you get out of your car at the resort’s grand front doors where the valet team will make you feel like golfing royalty. The valets, bell hops and bag room attendants appeared to treat my golf clubs the way you might expect them to look after Ben Hogan’s last set. And that was not the exception but the rule. All the staff from the hotel to the restaurants, to the range attendants, pro shop team, starter and marshals embody true southern hospitality. Whether you are a member of the Club 1916, the official membership, a guest of the resort or just in for the day the team will extend you equal courtesies. Although be warned – don’t miss your tee time because you might find yourself conversing with one of the team as if you were old friends.

Spa PGA Frisco TX
The Mokara Spa at Omni PGA Frisco

8. Rest and relaxation

After all that golf, your mind and body might be in need of a little rejuvenation. Next stop: the Mokara Spa. This place is a great way to indulge when a break is needed from all the golf, food, and drink. The treatments are highly recommended, and the amenities are excellent. And if you do happen to find your appetite opening up post massage, there is even the Green Cactus Café where you can treat your body to something delicious and healthy. It will be hard to decide whether the low or high scorer of the group deserves the spa access, so best get everyone involved.

9. A place for families

Everywhere you look at Omni PGA Frisco, people are introducing their families to the wonders of golf. Putting together, using the Toptracer range, going out on The Swing: this is a model for the future of golf – a way to make it welcoming, fun and relaxed. No pomposity of stuffiness. Break down the walls and show everyone how much fun golf can be. It can often feel that golf is something that takes people away from the family, that isolates them from their children for hours at a time but at PGA Frisco that doesn’t need to be the case. While playing The Swing with father and son I met, the father found a moment to teach his boy the value of handshake and introduction to me the stranger, something my grandfather taught me on the course. It has been a lesson which has served me well all over the world.

Omni PGA Frisco
The scale – both in terms of size and ambition – of PGA Frisco is impressive

10. Oh my Omni

Omni Hotels and Resort operate 28 top-notch golf courses across the United States and in the shape of PGA Frisco they have, once again, shown that they really, really know what they are doing. The public spaces here are opulent, the guest rooms are luxurious, there are 10 exclusive 4-bedroom ranch houses, there are so many places to eat and drink and the service is immaculate. The interior design provides tasteful nods to local golf history which keeps the game front of mind and if that doesn’t the panoramic fairway views will do. And don’t miss those huge Texan sunsets – you’ll know what I mean when you come see for yourselves.

*To book a trip to Omni PGA Frisco visit OmniPGAFriscoResort.com

Omni PGA Frisco TX: Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Where is Omni PGA Frisco TX located?

The Omni PGA Frisco TX is located close to the PGA of America Headquarters and is located in North Texas, some 30 miles from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) on the northernmost edge of the city of Frisco.

The address for Omni PGA Frisco TX is:

Omni PGA Frisco Resort
2901 Club Dr, Frisco,
TX 75034, United States

What can I expect at Omni PGA Frisco TX?

The Omni PGA Frisco Tx is a luxury resort and world-class golf destination. PGA Frisco TX includes the Monument Realty PGA District, two championship golf courses, 13 restaurants and bars, shopping, concerts and events.

How big are the main PGA headquarters Frisco TX?

The PGA of America Headquarters in Frisco, Texas, is a substantial development spread over hundreds of acres. The size includes multiple golf courses, training facilities, and administrative offices. The exact size may have evolved since my last update.

How big is the golf superstore at PGA Frisco TX?

The PGA Shop at PGA Frisco TX is a gold mine of top merchandise and branded clothing from Ryder Cups and PGA Championships. You will also find items related to the Women’s PGA Championship, as items from PGA Frisco TX and the PGA of America.

Where can I find out about careers at PGA Frisco TX?

Information about careers at the PGA of America Headquarters in Frisco, TX, can typically be found on the PGA of America’s official website or the Omni PGA Frisco Resort’s website. They may list job openings and provide information on how to apply. You can find out more here

How far is Frisco from Dallas?

The distance between Frisco and Dallas, Texas can vary depending on the specific location you are travelling from and to, but they are relatively close to each other. On average, Frisco is located approximately 25 to 30 miles north of downtown Dallas. The exact distance will depend on your start and end points in each city. It usually takes around 30-40 minutes to drive from downtown Dallas to downtown Frisco, depending on traffic conditions.

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