Zachary Pollack

Zack's grandfather introduced him to golf as a small child and in doing so gave him the keys to a lifetime source of adventure. He may call New York home but Zack has travelled the world in search of golf and new challenges. He is, however, no stranger to the UK, having spent five years there completing his degree in veterinary medicine.

East Lothian Golf: Scotland’s golf coast will capture your imagination


We all book our golf trips for different reasons. Maybe it’s an annual ritual with family and friends? A weekend getaway with a spouse? Or a jammed packed once-in-a-lifetime bucket list adventure. Who you’re going with is just one consideration, of course; the other big one is where you are going. The sheer…


Oldest golf course in the world? Musselburgh Links a time machine


As you walk off the last green of what is, to some, the oldest golf course in the world, it’s impossible to shake the feeling that you’ve just been transported back in time to the origins of our game. Musselburgh Links, The Old Golf Course, is a living museum and its storied, almost…


Hickory Golf Clubs: unique shop at the heart of hickory revival


I’m standing on the 1st tee at one of Scotland’s great courses and for the first time in my life I’m grasping a hickory golf club in my trembling hands preparing to embark on a life-changing round. We know golf is hard enough, but I’m on the wondrous West Links at North Berwick,…


St Andrews Golf: adventure of a lifetime to secure Old Course tee time

It was 3 in the morning and I was running towards the 1st tee of the Old Course, St Andrews.  My alarm had gone off 15 minutes earlier, which seemed reasonable – not too early, but early enough. I boiled a kettle, made some tea, stuffed a snack into my pocket and set…